// Experience

China Unicom

Intern Software Engineer
  • Worked full time in the Real-time City Population Analytics team for 10 weeks.
  • Wrote production code in JavaScript and Java.
  • Completed the front-end dashboard for real-time heat-map and data visualization
  • Saved the project team 1 million RMB from outsoursing

TechX Summit

iOS Mentor Assistant
  • Assisted YouTuber Brian Voong teaching 24 students to make iOS Apps in Swift.
  • Held lab hours, and mentored students in capstone projects 4 hours per day.


VP of Marketing
  • helped organize Penn Wharton China Summit, a 1500 audience-level Sino-US Conference at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Led the technical team in building website, organizing social media backend and email servers.
  • Built the official website for Penn Wharton China Summit 2017

5IT Digitals

Intern Web Developer
  • Contributed 6 hours a week as a part-time account manager and web developer with WordPress.
  • Helped create and maintain landing pages, e-commerce front-ends, and content management systems of the company’s clients’.